Terms of use

  1. Please do NOT use the same account on 2 devices at the same time to avoid account automatic deletion.
  2. Changing the country every time is not possible, please use a VPN if you travel a lot to keep the country the same.
  3. We do not control nor have the ability to change any content in the channels, the server team handles all the maintenance automatically.
  4. If in any case, the service isn’t available please give it a few minutes or hours and it will be back, it isn’t necessary to contact us because there is a special team handling the server and we can only wait until it’s back again, this applies also during special events or matches, the team is already aware of any problem and working on it, so there is no need to contact us for that.
  5. If in rare situations your internet provider blocks the service, the solution to access it again is only by using a VPN to connect or to change your internet provider, because we can’t do anything to control your internet provider.
  6. If you have buffering, turn off the current device and check on a different (better) device AND different internet connexion, if there is no more buffering it is most likely an internet or device performance issue.
  7. The payment isn’t refundable once your account is activated, your account will still be active during the whole period you paid for, regardless of the connexion conditions (Devices, networks …) from your side.
  8. Customer support response to your message may take 24 to 48 hours, it depends on the current number of requests that we have to handle.

We are happy to have you as a customer and we’ll do our best to provide the best quality possible, Thank you for choosing us.